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Service Apartment

We are a specialized Interior construction & hospitality services Company offering affordable serviced apartments to the expats of our MNC Clients as well as to our non clients in the predominant areas/locations.

The first few seconds after walking in to an apartment are crucial – the visitor takes in a huge amount of details and almost subconsciously makes judgements, so the look and, just as importantly, the feel of the property are essential. Whether it is for a new-build, a conversion or a refurbishment, selecting the right interior designer who understands your vision and can work to a brief and a budget is hugely important.

The discerning guest wants to feel like they are getting something that has been carefully designed and considered, with infinite attention to detail, and that constitutes an overall ‘experience’. They want to feel like they have found a hidden gem, that they can recommend this new find to others, which will reflect their own criteria for unique serviced apartments. For us the challenge is to promote this concept of ‘best kept secret’ through its design and its customer service, whilst increasingly getting the word spread through social media and recommendation that this is the place to stay!”

For serviced apartments there is a long way to go in terms of design. The trend is for this sector to be more ‘lifestyle’ rather than have a generic design that could be any brand anywhere in the world. But some are coming out looking soulless and copying what others are doing. We always aim to bring a ‘soul’ to a project. This requires depth of research, originality and an ability to push barriers and boundaries which not many designers can do. We provide all our service at competitive rates without compromising on quality of work or products used. Our professional team, during the discussion understands the requirement of work and budgets. Based on that we provide the BOQ of assignment, work within the budgets and adhere to the timelines.